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Chapter 1. This chapter is compulsory for all.

You can open this chapter in four varieties which are listed below.


This one is the basic chapter and you will get outline prediction about the current situation and future life.

Ati Sukshmam

This one is the detailed chapter and you will get detailed prediction about current situation and detailed prediction about future life with remedies.

Suksha Sukshmam

This one is the very detailed chapter and you will get detailed current situation and detailed prediction about every year about your life till last with detailed remedies.

Suksha Sukshma Kutumba Kandam

This one is the very detailed chapter about you and all your family people and you will get detailed current situation about your life and your family people and detailed future prediction about your life and all your family people till last with detailed remedies.

 If you want much more details you can open this additional chapters listed below in Sukshmam, Ati Sukshmam and Suksha Sukshmam.

Chapter 2. About Financial position and Education.
Chapter 3. Brothers and sisters, help or ill feeling in between self and siblings.
Chapter 4. Mother, house, vehicles, land and pleasures.
Chapter 5. Children and reason for not having children, remedial measures for having children and future of children.
Chapter 6. Diseases, debts, enemies and court cases and remedial measures for avoidance.
Chapter 7. Reasons of delay in marriage, bride or groom details and problems and solutions in married life. 
Chapter 8. Longevity, accident and danger to life, age, month, time, star and place of death.
Chapter 9. About father, wealth, visit to temples, luck, preaching through holy men and charitable deeds.
Chapter 10. Profession, future predictions in regard to Profession, changes of place good and evils in profession.
Chapter 11. Profits in business and about second marriage.
Chapter 12. Expenditure, foreign visits, next birth or attainment of salvation.
Chapter 13.SANTHI KANDAM: Previous birth sins, remedial measures for getting rid of the effect of the past birth sins.
Chapter 14.DEEKSHAI KANDAM: Mantra Japam, wearing of Raksha (Talisman) for avoidance of evil eyes, enemies and troubles being caused by them.
Chapter 15.AUSHADHA KANDAM: Medicines for long-standing diseases and method of taking them.

Special Chapters

You can open this chapters listed below in Athi Sukshmam and Suksha Sukshmam

Chapter 16. DASABUKTHI KANDAM:Some period will be ruled by some planets.

Sun - 6 years, Moon - 10 years, Mars - 7 years, Rahu - 18 years, Jupiter - 16 years, Saturn - 19 years,

Mercury - 17 years, Kethu - 7 years, Venus - 20 years and the total of 120 years.
Some of these periods will comes in every people life in this same order. Every people born in different planet period and their running planet period will be also different. We can explain this period by mentioning month and year. By finding people present planet we can give this reading. We can say about coming 10 years period in this chapter very deeply. If the remaining period is above 10 years we can tell only 10 years. If it is below 10 years then the next planet period will comes to fill up 10 years.
Chapter 17. GNANA KANDAM: It deals with spiritual life and gives the individuals to travel on right tracks that lead them to obtain Gnana (wisdom).
Chapter 18. ATHMA VISARANA KANDAM: It will explains about the soul travel of died people in their family. About its present state (roaming in the space/attained salvation/taken rebirth). It is believed, if the departed soul roams in formless form, it may affect the progress of the descendents, their marital lives, getting children etc.

Chapter 19. AASI KANDAM: This is also spiritual related chapter. It will explains about reason of this life and what are the works in pending that the soul has to complete and which God is blessing and what are the blessings.
Chapter 20. PRASANNA KANDAM:  It deals with the queries of the individuals and it offers them the right solutions to get relived from their problems. The individual is restricted to frame only five questions and the individual is instructed to write the exact date and time of framing the problems to be solved.

Chapter 21. KOTCHARA KANDAM: It will explains about next one year deeply with remedies.

More special chapters also available