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About Nadi Astrology and Astrologer

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About Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology is a way to know the present and future of a person from the ancient palm leave records which are composed by some enlightened saints of the dead past through their insight and spiritual wisdom.  Just to help their posterity those records are being preserved in Astrological House. It is considered to be a divine dispensation despite the various modes of astrological systems exist and still in vogue, such as palmistry, numerology, natal-Vedic astrology and attempting to know the future through trained birds, rats etc.

Nearly 2000 years ago, the great sages of yore, through sheer intuition understood medicines, engineering, astronomy, astrology and several other branches of basic human knowledge and transcribed them on palm leaves and wooden plates. We can assert authoritatively that all the advancements in the streams of science and technology, owe their origin to these very great ancient works.

These days we hear about people with powers of extra sensory perceptions. The Rishis were holy sages and enlightened saints, who occupied themselves in concentrating on the one “DIVINE BEING PARAMATHMA”.  They far exceeded the powers of ESP people.  More than that, they were able to know the future by their foresight.  With this foresight; the Rishis like Agastya, Koushika, Vasista, Maha siva Vakkiya, Kaha bhujanda, Bogar, Valmiki, Atri, Brigu, Sukar and etc. have given predictions for the well being of the mankind that occupies this world.

Let us take for instance any particular moment of a day; many lives are born in this world; human lives, plants, worms, animals etc. The Rishis and siddhas have ignored the later and confined their predictions only to human beings and that is too only to the destined and not for all the humans emerge on this earth.  Predictions are given only for such of those persons, who the Rishis out of their wisdom envisaged, will come forward to obtain these predictions through this holy script.  The exact age in which each such person, will come for obtaining these predictions, has also been inscribed on the palm leaves by the Rishis and siddhas.The predictions were inscribed on palm leaves in Sanskrit, like any other arts, sciences and astronomy of ancient days. They used a peculiar style that is known as Devanagiri. Later days, some Tamil Kings gathered all such palm leaves irrespective of the subjects they dealt upon and stored them very carefully in their libraries.  These leaves, which are the repository of the wisdom of ancient Rishis and siddhas, would otherwise have been perished.

A true patron of arts and sciences “Sarfoj Maharaj” found a reserve for various kinds of palm leave records in his palace library and he saved such palm leave records from decaying with age.

Driven by their passion for the Tamil Language, they translated them into Tamil and preserved them. It is said, my forefathers, who were professional astrologers, impressed even the kings, lords and nobles through their professional skill gained opportunities to obtain the Nadi Leaves, as a reward for the knowledge they gained in astrology and for the selfless service they rendered to the kings and to their heirs.

About Nadi Astrologer
Apart from all those records, many of my forefathers spent their whole lives to obtain a number of palm leaves, from all available sources, just to enrich our repository and because of their sincere, dedicated and selfless noble tasks, our repository is replete with maximum number of palm leave bundles.

My Grandfather and my Guruji won high honor and social reputation for their proficiency and efficiency in Nadi astrology and gathered a number of palm leave records, even from far off places and enriched the repository of this Astrological House established at Vaitheeswarankovil. They effaced their lives for this research and after enriching our repository; they started to predict the future of the individuals through palm leaves at Vaitheeswarankovil.

 The demise of my Grandfather paved a way to my Guruji to hold the rein to continue the profession with divine spirit, as it was carried out by my Grandfather. He involved deeply in astrology and his further research on these records added flourishing developments. Keeping Nadi Astrology as his main profession, as a mentor preceptor, philosopher and guide My Guruji started to teach and train me to learn and practice Nadi Astrology.I, belong to this astrological family, which has traditionally deep rooted and for generation, practiced Nadi Astrology with utmost sincerity and dedication. I gathered Knowledge and experience under the benevolent but skilled guidance of my mentor Guruji, took me to the light of clairvoyance, by His grace, I have been rendering service to the mankind as Nadi Astrologer for more than 30 years, since my young age.  I have been reading the records created by some enlightened sages and preserved by my forefathers for the well being of the people of the world.